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Movie Night : Crazy little thing called love + Landasan cinta

Have you ever been in love?
Well, truth to tell, I haven't..
I'm still searching for Mr Right, and I've got a long way to go in my journey..
Not to mention the fact that I am still 16 years old!
Even so, the world has long since created movies centred around the theme of love.
Lets face it, who wouldn't want to love and be loved back?
Like vampire Katherine quoted,
" If we cease to believe in love, why would we want to live?"

So, in this post, I'm going to take you guys on a journey, two journeys in fact,
about the boy-meets-girl kind of love,
about the way we fall in love differs from one another,
and the unique journey each individual has to undertake to find true love..

Kudos to these movie-makers for creating such beautiful, real and hilarious love stories, not to mention heartbreaking, as well as opening my blurry eyes on the true beauty of love :)

1) Crazy Little Thing Called Love

So, this is a thai movie..
At first, all my friends at school were suddenly talking about p'shone, first love an what-not,
so, I decided to check it out .. and this is what I found <3

Hotstuff kann? :)

How he looks like in the movie :D
To further illustrate his handsomeness, I present to you..
So, he sparked my interest instantly! haha
       Moving on, this story is about Nam, a shy normal bespectacled girl, an ugly duckling I suppose, because she was quite dark and geeky-looking, at first. ( there's a reason why I haven't shown her pictures, yet)
She has a crush on one of the heartthrobs of the school, which is P'Shone (mario maurer)..who wouldn't?
As usual, she acts as as normal girl does, she squeals in delight when she catches a glimpse of him, daydreams, and even stalks him (in a good way). With the help of her friends, and a book on the recipe of love, she tries to change herself so that P'Shone would notice her. She became more beautiful, increased her sense of fashion, played the drum major and studied harder to score in her exams, so that Shone would realise her presence. Don't believe me? Here's the proof.
 Beautiful, isn't she?

Trouble arrives when P'Top, Shone's bestfriend proposes to Nam to be his girfriend. Nam didn't give an answer, but follows Top so she could be with Shone. Little did she know that they promised each other never to fall in love with the same girl! In a rush of scenes, Nam finally broke up with Top, not wanting Shone to fall in love with another girl. In a further conflict, Top made Shone promise not to couple with Nam, because it would feel like Shone betrayed their friendship. Nearing the end of the movie, however, Nam plucked up her courage and confessed straight out to Shone that she is in love with him, everything she's done and become was for him. This was the second most tear-jerking moment of the movie, because after she confessed, she found out that Shone already had a girlfriend, for one week! I literally bawled my eyes out because you could see how heartbroken she was, until she accidentally fell in a pool! I thought that was the end.. but wait..

Shone returned back home, and opened his fridge and voila! There was a chocolate in the fridge, the very one that Nam gave to him.. I cried even harder, when suddenly Shone opened a scrapbook of his, and the scrapbook was filled with pictures of Nam! Turns out, Shone has long since fallen in love with Nam, but hasn't the guts to tell her! This was the saddest part and also my favourite part. Why? Let me show in this video below, words simply can't describe it..

Will Shone and Nam meet their happy ending? It's up to you to find out ;)

My two cents :

For me, not only was this a funny and sweet movie, (Nam's teacher was hilarious!) it shows how love can bring positive effects to a person. Like Nam said, her love for Shone made her into a more beautiful, smarter and better person, until she became the Nam she is today. She used her love in a positive way, different from most teenagers these days. It's good that the movie highlights Nam's tranformation, because that's the way a person should use love, not daydreaming endlessly until your grades slip, or engage in morally and religious wise realtionships until it brings disastrous consequences ! Wow, that's a mouthful :) What I'm saying is, her transformation really inspires me, if I ever fall in love, I hope I could take her as a good example..

As for my favourite part, I loved how P'Shone loved Nam since she was still the ugly duckling, since before she became beautiful. Shone's selfless promise to Top about not coupling with Nam, his endless acts that showed he didn't care less about Nam, but actually hurting inside, made the story so sweet but also so sad :(
Imagine seeing Shone's perspective, him keeping a secret crush, but he hid it so well that even his best friend didn't know. Ughhh, why didn't he tell her! That question really frustrated me a lot ;(

In a nutshell, watch this with your friends..
From a girl's point of view, this movie relates so well to us because as a girl, Nam's actions show exactly how we would act when we have a secret crush..
ohh, eye-candy aka Mario Maurer doesn't hurt as well :D

2) Landasan Cinta

The trailer :

Actually this is only a movie in slot CEREKARAMA at TV3,
but I have to admit that this is one of my favourite cerekarama movies to date.

The reasons :
- Hilarious and witty conversations between the actors in this movie.(trust me, I laughed a LOT :D)
- The guy, Umar which is a handsome pilot acts like my dream husband, haha :) ; sweet, funny, kind of flirty,  
   likes to tease,charming, romantic, smart, 'anak soleh', rich and etc.. that never fails to attract me :)
- The girl, Nisha, which is an errotic girl, 'kecoh', beautiful, judges people at first sight, at first doesn't believe
   in love so she plays hard-to-get, but at the end is ashamed with herself ;)

the synopsis :

Nisha, a factory girl, gets offered to go to Perth on a business trip. During her flight, she is forced to lie that she is on a shopping spree to Perth with her fiance', the pilot. Meanwhile, Umar, a handsome pilot, is forced by his mom to get married after his trip to Perth. Both characters have failed relationships in the past, so they were quite fed-up in finding love again. Coincidentally, they ran into each other during their stay at Perth and had no other choice than to act as fiances! Their meetings after that were hilarious, not to mention very sweet..
This is due to the fact that Nisha had no idea that Umar is a pilot, and kept thinking that he was gay :)
She lied a few times about her made-up fiance and even boasted about why she wold love a pilot to be her husband! Their fights and antics were really fun to watch :D
As a whole, this is a pretty light movie, great for a fun and entertaining family night, with no emotional scenes like the previous movie. So, take a chance and tontonlah Filem Melayu!

 Their first meeting <3

To end my babbling, here is my recent favourite song, enjoy ^__^

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